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For partners

Trade Profit offers you 3 investment plans. Depending on your opportunities and wished you can select the most suitable plan.

For your convenience, we added a special calculator for calculating profits. Choosing a tariff and specifying the planned investment, you will find out the exact amount of your profit.


3% per day

Deposit $10 - $199

Income is 20% for 40 days


3.5% per day

Deposit $200 - $1999

Income is 33% for 38 days


4% per day

Deposit $2000 - $5000

Income is 40% for 35 days

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Earn without investments or multiply your deposit

Trade Profit allows you to earn not only by your personal investments. Our referal program will help you earn WITHOUT ANY INVESTMENTS by attracting new partners. The program has 3 levels: :
You get 10% from each of your 1 level partner income;
You get 3% from each of your 2 level partner income;
You get 2% from each of your 3 level partner income;